Saturday, Sept 22, 2018

Raku Firings  (outside)
Four Kiln Openings by Blue Ridge Pottery including 1 with Nancy Ross
decorating with horsehair
Demo Area A  (inside)
11      Steven Summerville -  assemble a tea pot with long legs
12     Tom Clarkson -  throwing pots on the wheel
 1      Lisa Zolandz - narrow necked vase & the crystalline glaze process
 2      Barbara Mann - terra sigilatta application & burnishing
 3      Carrie Althouse- closed forms (apples, pears, cats, chickens)
Demo Area B  (inside)
11      Jane Angelhart - mishima decorating technique
12      Deb Barr - sculpting & decorating jewelry
 1       Betsy Curtiss - sculpting a small animal
 2      Seth Guzovsky - building a kiln & setting up a studio
 3      Janice Arone - handbuilding large vessel bowls
Demo Area C  (outside tent)
11     Samuel Deering - how to fire a wood kiln
12     Lee Hazelgrove - large vessel construction using a torch
 1      Michael Laroche - spiral "agate" surface design
 2     Andrea Denniston - slip casting a simple cup & underglaze inlay
 3     Hona Knudsen - throwing a pitcher form & pulling spout
Sunday, Sept 23, 2018

Raku Firings   (outside)
Four Kiln Openings by Blue Ridge Pottery including 1 with Nancy Ross decorating with horsehair
Demo Area A  (inside)
11     Becky Garrity - throwing sets of bowls & cups
12     Karis Swink Barry - a mug from start to finish with sgraffito
 1      Neal Reed - sgraffito carving on greenware.
 2     Wendy Wrenn Werstlein - cutting & shaping an undulating rim
 3      Josh Manning - wax & brush decoration
Demo Area B    (inside)
11      Jennifer Paxton - jewelry design, texture & glazes
12     Stephen Palmer - hand built tray with slips & stencils
 1      Sidra Kaluszka - transforming a tea cup into a sculptural piece
 2      Maggie Stultz - colorful & whimsical pottery start to finish
 3      Susie Wilburn - applying color & graphics to clay surface
Demo Area C  (outside tent)
11     Elizabeth Krome - throwing rectangular baking dishes
12     Jake Johnson - throwing forms with lids & will take requests!
 1     Trista Chapman - making a teapot from altered thrown forms
 2     Ron Sutterer - using a rib to form bowls
 3     Nell Fredericksen - "the cylinder as a starting point"

What is it about clay that grabs the heart and imagination of so many people? Perhaps it’s because there is something so amazing about transforming a chunk of raw, muddy clay into something beautiful and functional like a mug to drink out of. There is great satisfaction in welcoming a handcrafted object into your everyday life, especially when you have met the person who actually made it.

10am to 5 pm both days

Stanardsville Virginia

Watch how it's made.