10am to 5 pm both days

Stanardsville Virginia

Watch how it's made.

Saturday, Sept 22, 2018

Raku Firings  (outside)
Four Kiln Openings by Blue Ridge Pottery including 1 with Nancy Ross
decorating with horsehair
Demo Area A  (inside)
11      Steven Summerville -  color & slip, decorating a whimsical pot
12     Tom Clarkson -  throwing pots on the wheel
 1      Lisa Zolandz - narrow necked vase & the crystalline glaze process
 2      Barbara Mann - terra sigilatta application & burnishing
 3      Carrie Althouse- closed forms (apples, pears, cats, chickens)
Demo Area B  (inside)
11      Jane Angelhart - mishima decorating technique
12      Deb Barr - sculpting & decorating jewelry
 1       Betsy Curtiss - sculpting a small animal
 2      Seth Guzovsky - building a kiln & setting up a studio
 3      Janice Arone - handbuilding large vessel bowls
Demo Area C  (outside tent)
11     Samuel Deering - throwing a very large bottle shape & trimming
12     Lee Hazelgrove - large vessel construction using a torch
 1      Michael Laroche - spiral "agate" surface design
 2     Andrea Denniston - slip casting a simple cup & underglaze inlay
 3     Hona Knudsen - throwing a pitcher form & pulling spout

What is it about clay that grabs the heart and imagination of so many people? Perhaps it’s because there is something so amazing about transforming a chunk of raw, muddy clay into something beautiful and functional like a mug to drink out of. There is great satisfaction in welcoming a handcrafted object into your everyday life, especially when you have met the person who actually made it.

Sunday, Sept 23, 2018

Raku Firings   (outside)
Four Kiln Openings by Blue Ridge Pottery including 1 with Nancy Ross decorating with horsehair
Demo Area A  (inside)
11     Becky Garrity - throwing sets of bowls & cups
12     Karis Swink Barry - a mug from start to finish with sgraffito
 1      Neal Reed - sgraffito carving on greenware.
 2     Wendy Wrenn Werstlein - cutting & shaping an undulating rim
 3      Josh Manning - wax & brush decoration
Demo Area B    (inside)
11      Jennifer Paxton - jewelry design, texture & glazes
12     Stephen Palmer - hand built tray with slips & stencils
 1      Sidra Kaluszka - transforming a tea cup into a sculptural piece
 2      Maggie Stultz - colorful & whimsical pottery start to finish
 3      Susie Wilburn - applying color & graphics to clay surface
Demo Area C  (outside tent)
11     Elizabeth Krome - throwing rectangular baking dishes
12     Jake Johnson - throwing forms with lids & will take requests!
 1     Trista Chapman - making a teapot from altered thrown forms
 2     Ron Sutterer - using a rib to form bowls
 3     Nell Fredericksen - "the cylinder as a starting point"